Sound System Outernational 4: Strictly Vinyl

strictly vinyl

Strictly Vinyl

Sound System Outernational # 4  

on Saturday 13th of January, 1pm to 4 am, Goldsmiths, University of London

Strictly Vinyl is a one day and night meeting of minds and bodies, practitioners and researchers, learning and dancing from reggae sound system scene. Come to enjoy, learn and share your knowledge and experience, research, techniques and appreciation of vinyl culture.

Strictly Vinyl: Call for Papers, workshops, films, demonstrations, and more. 

**Deadline for proposals is  Thurs 30th November: please send in proposals here **


The vinyl record is the backbone of reggae sound system culture. A sound system’s records are an archive that generates new possibilities; the records are mixed and re-imagined, carrying old and new meanings in different times and places. The persistence and resurgence of vinyl in sound system culture as well as the many digital formats and techniques available is creating ever more diverse ways to record, distribute and perform recorded music.


Our areas of focus to include: 

  • Vinyl histories, vinyl futures: archive, nostalgia, version, cultural memory and the mix
  • The business of vinyl: recording, pressing, marketing and collecting records
  • Performing vinyl: dubplates, selecting, toasting, engineering, clashing
  • Analogue format in a digital world

We welcome contributions from activists, artists, deejays, academics, engineers, musicians, label-owners, selectors, and anyone involved directly or indirectly in sound system culture.


Unit 137 sound system will be playing the conference out with a full No Pips # 6 session Sat 13th from 7 pm ’til 4 am.


Let’s Play Vinyl Exhibition opening 6 pm Friday 12th January (for four weeks)

Sound System Outernational are hosting the Let’s Play Vinyl (LPV) in partnership with Let’s Go Yorkshire the exhibition is staged in the atrium of the Professor Stuart Hall Building. LPV features the Heritage Hi-Fi sound system as well as a program of discussions, workshops and listening sessions.


Background information:

Sound System Outernational 

Strictly Vinyl follows to highly successful events of SSO 1, 2 and 3, see


Lets Play Vinyl exhibition (direct from Leicester)


Participatory Workshops

Tumblr Blog


Unit 137

The Unit 137 Sound System is a powerful hand built wooden system. It consists of eight 18″ super scoops, four HD 215 kick bins and four DMT 210 tops. Powersoft & Matrix amplification is used to provide the perfect balance of warm, deep bass, and clear and crisp top end, with a well defined mid-range. The complete system has a peak output in excess of 20k watts. The Unit 137 are based in SE London (Lewisham) where their sound system, recording studio and record label are all located.


More highlights to follow…

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